I Want to Be a Part of It [Not Really] . . .

The initial sting of the loss of my diamond was tempered by the fact that our next stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Art just makes everything better – – especially over 5,000 years of art from all over the world.

It is easy to get lost in art.  It is even easier to get lost in one of the world’s largest art museums, even if you have a map.   And the easiest thing of all, apparently, is to lose other people in one of the world’s largest art museums.  [Helpful hint for anyone being stalked: go into art museum.]

The first loss happened before some of the group even entered the building.  They just lost some of us – – because we were so eager to see the art, and we just went in the front door and tried to gain admission the normal way.   Eventually, a lost-and-found person from our group informed us we were supposed to be lining up outside by a secret side door.   We complied, and all filed in together as a group.

Knowing we had only two hours to explore the museum AND eat lunch, we quickly scattered into our own small groups.   I think there were about eight of us.  We agreed to find a place to eat first, then pick ONE area of the museum to explore in our remaining time.  And hit the gift shop.  GO!

“Oooh, look at that cool armor!”   “Come on.”  “WOW, look at that pottery!”  “No time; let’s go!”  “Oh, my gosh!  Look at those tapestries!”  “Gotta find the cafeteria.”  “Hey, they went the wrong way.”  “Oh, well, here’s a place to eat; I guess it’s just us!”  [Insert overpriced, mediocre salad here.]  “On to Ancient Egypt!”  “Cool – – a sarcophagus!”  “What are those strange looking jugs?”  “That’s where they put their organs.”  “No, the organs went in that thing over there.”  “Oh, it says it’s for their animal’s organs.”  “Cool necklace!”  “Look at this old cloth!!”  “If we want time for the gift shop, we better go.”  [Insert cool but insanely expensive art-related items here.]  Exit.

And that, my friends, is how you do the Metropolitan Museum of Art in two hours.

A piece of art we didn't get to see

A piece of art we didn’t get to see

Next it was on to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.  We gathered at a fountain to wait for our tour guides.  I think they must have been from Wisconsin, too, based on how long it took them to come and fetch us.  Not that I would have liked to have better used that time looking at ART or anything…but we did get a lot of great photos of everyone posed together in every conceivable combination.  I would like to share a few, but this was the day my camera was lost, and my seatmate/roommate is still processing the 1800 photos she took, so you will have to be patient.

Oh, wait...I lied. Here's one from Gayle's phone. It's Escher's favorite.

Oh, wait…I lied. Here’s one from Gayle’s phone. It’s Escher’s favorite.

The tours of the performance halls for dance, symphony, and opera were interesting.  And stepping into the lobby and standing at the security desk at Juilliard School was kinda cool.  But it all just really made me want to see a dance performance.  Dancers are amazing.  In fact, I think I would rather watch a dance performance than see art at the Met.  Good thing we would be seeing “Wicked” the next night or I would have felt royally ripped off.

And just when we thought we were so exhausted and could not walk another step, it was time to explore Times Square!






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